Selling of stamps has been subject to an enormous revolution during the past years.

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The latter, together with the consolidation of the new technologies applied on commerce, is changing the traditional selling methods every time in a more definitive way.

Being aware of this revolution, La Lupa de Oro arises as a consequence of the application of the new technological tools in the collector world in general and, particularly, the selling of philatelic pieces. More than 10.000 transactions carried out to our clients full satisfaction through ebay are our best letter of introduction.

Our experience in the world of selling stamps and coins through La Lupa de Oro, with almost half a century working due to and for the collector, allow us to welcome you most warmly to this new space, in which acquiring the piece you wish to start, complete or improve your collections will be as easy as connecting your computer and browse in our new virtual shop.

"Our experience in the traditional philatelic world, together with the new technological tools, make it possible to acquire pieces through the Web with the quality and personalized service that characterize traditional business."

La Lupa de Oro, is thus created with a clear spirit of entire service for the collector, and pretends from this very moment to be an ineludible reference for all those, who like us, see the plilatelic collectionism as somehting more than just a simple hobby.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to call or contact us per e-mail, where our team, remains totally at your disposition with all their knowledge.

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